New York Implements Mobile Sports Betting Grants for Sports Nonprofits Serving Underserved Youth - $1 Million for Grants in 2022 & $5 Million in 2023

Following the state of New York approving mobile sports betting on April 7, 2021,
the Youth Sports Collaborative Network approached Project Play WNY and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation's NYC Program to collaborate on submitting recommendations for structuring the grants program to the Commissioner of the NY Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). The three organizations submitted their collective suggestions on January 25, 2022. Click on the PDF link below for a copy of the recommendations.

OCFS welcomed the 3 party's suggestions and applied a number of our suggestion in their memorandum to New York's local commissioners of the Youth Development Bureaus.  Available funds for this first year of the state's grant program are $1 million. The following year there will be $5 million available for grants for sports programs for underserved children and youth under 18.

The state's memorandum attached below outlines the organizational requirements for grants. The memorandum also includes the list of the 58 local youth bureaus and the amount of grant funds available to them in the 2022 fiscal year. This year's local youth bureau grant funds range from a low of $5099 to a high of $299,047 for NYC. Amounts are based on a county's student population. Note the following year will be five times the amounts listed in the current memorandum. Click on the New York State's Memorandum below to find your county's youth bureau's grant allocation and contact your youth bureau to be put on their list for qualified sports nonprofits.