First Annual State of Sports-Based Youth Development in the U.S. Report

The community of organizations and individuals providing sports-based youth development (SBYD) programs for children from low income, underserved communities is diverse and growing. However, these SBDY programs collectively are not well documented and thus known.

Accordingly, the Youth Sports Collaborative Network launched as its first initiative an online survey to quantify the breadth of these efforts in the U.S. The survey was open from February 1 – May 8, 2017. 64 SBYD programs located in 13 states and 27 cities/towns answered the survey. The 2016 survey results are detailed in the 2017 report, The First Annual State of Sports-Based Youth Development in the U.S. - Helping America's Most Vulnerable Children.

The 2018 survey to collect 2017 data will be available online soon -- details below.

Assisting in the analysis of the first survey results was the George Washington University Sports Philanthropy Online Program.

Of these 64, 72% reported an increase in the number of children served in 2016 over the prior year. This 72% resulted in a 26% aggregate increase in children, a contrast to other national surveys showing a decline in youth sports and fitness participation. These 64 programs combined provided 26 different types of sports and fitness activities.

Additional aggregate survey results include:

  • Age ranges of children participating in the programs and a listing of the 26 individual sport/fitness activities being offered,
  • Number of weeks during a year and minutes/day(s) a week sports/fitness program(s) being offered,
  • Other forms of youth development support such as academic, mentorship, and outpatient clinical support, 
  • Location of facilities/fields used to deliver the programs, and
  • Sources of funding for programs.

Report also provides additional statistics on and links to U.S. youth sports participation and youth obesity data compiled by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. 

YSCN members and all 64 organizations/individuals that took the survey receive a free PDF copy.  Go to Member Benefits for details on membership. Media and bloggers may request a free copy by contacting [email protected].

All others may purchase the report (see links below) as a PDF at a price based on the buyer's use – used only by the individual ($15) or used by an entire organization ($45) which can be shared with employees and board directors for the purchasing organization. 

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REGISTER NOW to participate in the 2018 Second Annual State of Sports-Based Youth Development online survey. Any nonprofit organization or individual providing SBYD programs to children from low income, underserved communities and did not participate in the 2017 survey may sign up now. All 2017 Survey Participants will receive an e-mail when the survey is open.